Services in Our Production Facility

Greenhouse Cultivation

There is a glass greenhouse with a closed area of 500 m² and 5 tunnel greenhouses with a closed area of 1750 m². Seasonal flower and vegetable cultivation is carried out in these greenhouses. In this department, our personnel working in ...

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Garment Department

In the Garment departments (Sewing, Embroidery, Printing, Cutting, Collection, Cleaning, Ironing Package, Washing) operating within a closed area of ​​4600 m², 100 disabled personnel and our contract business partners and company personne...

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Mushroom Department

There are 6 production rooms in the Mushroom section, which has an enclosed area of ​​500 m². Cultured mushrooms are grown in the section with a production capacity of 120 tons / year. In this department, 1 agricultural engineer, 19 disab...

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Open Land Fruit and Vegetable Growing

Fruit and vegetable cultivation is carried out as traceable agriculture in an agricultural area of 55.000 m². 25 decares of walnuts, 5 decares of apples, artichokes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, beans, eggplant, melon, lettuce and watermelon...

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Contract Workshop

We carry out the works that are outsourced by the industrial establishments of our region, within Bizimköy, with the disabled personnel. 7 Disabled Personnel are employed.


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